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Scott’s Story: How Unity Hall has helped me.

When I discovered that I could not stop using drugs on my own, a friend said she would meet me at 711 Empire St. in Fairfield for a 12 step meeting. I was scared and didn’t know a single person there (my friend was late.) To my surprise, people were nice to me, welcomed me, and told me to keep coming back. My first impression of the place was good. It was clean and organized and it smelled good (like pine-sol.)

I started attending meetings at Unity Hall Recovery Communities regularly in April of 2010. I thought Unity Hall was part of the 12 step meeting. It took me a while to know there is a difference, and they are not affiliated other than 12 step meetings pay rent for the space they use.

Unity Hall Recovery Communities, (UHRC) is a home for all people seeking recovery and in recovery. The place is full of Hope. It is full of Love. It is full of good people that want to help other people. I love UHRC, it saved my life. It gave me a place to find recovery; it gave me a place to belong, a place to grow.

As I progressed in my recovery I got more involved in UHRC. I am now the UHRC Volunteer Coordinator and representative. I get to help people use the resource center for signing up for Cal-Fresh, resume writing, job searches, sign up for email, and other things to help them find what they need.This is what UHRC really means to me, I get to help people move forward in their life and it is an amazing experience. I am so grateful that Unity Hall Recovery Communities is here and that I get to be a part of it. And I get to keep the place looking good and smelling good.

Thanks for letting me be of service,

Scott Hagens

A success story through Unity Hall and the Recovery Connect Program

My name is Karen.  I embarked on recovery in 8/2009.A few months later I was offered an opportunity to volunteer at Unity Hall.  At this time I was a single mother on Section 8, Unemployment, Medi-Cal and Food Stamps. I served at Unity Hall for six months followed buy a 6 month job and another break in employment.  I returned to Unity Hall to volunteer again until obtaining my current job.  Volunteering at Unity Hall gave me a reason to get up everyday, somewhere to be and the ability to maintain a routine while unemployed.  While volunteering at Unity Hall I did data entry, money handling, inventory, maintenance, assisted people who needed basic needs resources and facilitated a daily recovery education group. If I had not had a safe place to go in early recovery, when my future looked uncertain, I don’t know where I would be today. 

I continue to utilize services at Unity Hall through their new Recovery Connect program when needed and continue to refer others to Recovery Connect for both services and volunteer opportunities.  Today, I am off all public assistance, including Section 8.  I have a  good job and can provide for my son.  I am truly self-sufficient.  I am grateful for Unity Hall and Recovery Connect for  all the resources and support that bought me to this time in my life. 

Karen S.