12 Principles

1. Unity – To come together as individuals for the common purpose of giving and receiving support while recovering from Chemical and other Dependencies.

2. Guidance – To adhere to these Principles and the Bylaws set forth by the Board of Directors of Unity Hall developed with the guidance of a Power greater than ourselves; and any rules or policies of the programs, activities, and events that utilize Unity Hall.

3. Openness/Diversity – To welcome all individuals (regardless of Age, Race, Sexual identity, Religion, lack of Religion, or Social Economic status) who are seeking recovering; into meetings, programs, activities and events being held at Unity Hall so long as no other Principles are being compromised.

4. Safety – To not: hangout while under the influence; engage in acts of violence or threats of violence; disrupt members, meetings or activities by loitering, panhandling, loud noises, prolonged profanity or solicitations of any kind.

5. Purpose — To further public knowledge and provide facilities and support services for, chemical and other dependency programs, activities, and events for individuals seeking recovery from addiction.

6. Focus – To remain dedicated to the causes of Unity Hall, not utilizing the facility, equipment, resources or services for any purposes other than stated in Principle 5. Money received from fundraising events, and donations will be accepted unless the uses or requirements for acceptance are in conflict with our Primary Purpose, Bylaws, or these Principles.

7. Support – Be financially responsible in all matters and to pay on time the monthly dues set by the BOD, encourage others to join, start new meetings, and organize events to help support Unity Hall and the Recovery community.

8. Service – To be of service whenever possible helping Unity Hall, recovery meetings, activities and events.

9. Accountability – To be honest, faithful, and diligent in all matters while of service to Unity Hall. Integrity is important, be responsible, on time and thorough.

10. Integrity – Unity Hall will help to support but will have no opinion on the Philosophies or Practices of individual Recovery programs; Does not promote nor reject any Religion’s or Religious beliefs; Cannot support or oppose any Political causes; and is not an Employment, Housing, Social or Financial institution.

11. Compassion – To be welcoming, kind, courteous, respectful and excepting of others, our neighbors and our community at all times while at or near Unity Hall.

12. Anonymity – To remember that most members of Unity Hall are in recovery; their attendance, names or any personal information is not to be shared with anyone without their permission.