Health and Social Services

Health & Social Services Medi-Cal and CMSP
Fairfield: 275 Beck Ave.
Receptionists 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Services offered: Comprehensive medical insurance for anyone over 21 and under 65 years old. Dental coverage-emergency dental work, Vision-eye exam only, Medical assistance, food stamps (no drug felons), general assistance aid to families with dependent children and mental health. Please bring photo ID, social security card, proof of income & proof of property.

Solano County residents only.

Catholic Social Services
125 Corporate Place, Suite A – Vallejo
Contact: Aillee
Services offered: 52-week Batterers Program

Health & Social Services, Melvin Thompson Center
1680 Fairgrounds Drive – Vallejo
Contact: Evelyn Jones

Services offered: Food stamps, substance abuse treatment, and general assistance.

Solano County- Public Health/Health & Social Services
Family Health Care Services
2201 Courage Dr., Fairfield, Ca 94533

Health Care for the Homeless
Vallejo: 1055 Azuar – Mare Island
Fairfield- 740 Travis –Mission Solano
Both 8:30am to noon
no appt necessary

Services offered: Medical Screening, Dental Screening, and Referral Resources Etc.

HIV Testing
1st and 3rd Wednesdays in Fairfield: 2201 Courage Dr.
2nd & 4th Thursday in Vallejo: 355 Tuolumne.

La Clinica
220 Hospital Drive – Vallejo
Contact: Ashley Robinson

Services Offered:  Family medical dental and prenatal care.  Urgent care services. Case Management.  Behavioral medicine and health education services.  We offer care to all Solano County residents, and to the insured and uninsured.

Community Based Social Worker Solano County
Post-release & HIV Services  M-F 8am to 5pm
1840 Capitol Street – Vallejo
Contact: Mary Anne Fiori
707 649-4843

Youth and Family Services
2w.o.r.c Project
408 Tennessee Street – Vallejo
Contact: Maria Cedeno
707-554-2397 EXT 103

Health & Social Services Mental Health Division
2101 Courage Drive – Fairfield
Crisis Contact: Steve Williams 707-784-2054
or 707-750-3000

Services offered: Acute and long-term mental health services, specialized outpatient services, Crisis intervention and self-help service.

Child Support

Department of Child Support Services
435 Executive Court, North – Fairfield
Contact: Christa Forgues

Services offered: Locating absent parents, establishing paternity, obtaining and modifying court ordered child support and medical awards and collecting payments pursuant to the awards.

Family Law Facilitator 
Fairfield Hall of Justice
600 Union Ave. Fairfield, 2nd floor
M, T & F: 8:15am – 3:00pm
Service: Child support cases, Custody orders, file or complete
Divorce, preparer restraining orders